Future Pilots of SAF Helicopters Undergo Flight Training

Wednesday, 17.1.2024 | Training
The fourth-year Military Academy cadets within the Military Aviation study programme are undergoing flight training at ”Colonel Pilot Milenko Pavlović” Military Airfield, Batajnica, and in the wider area surrounding Belgrade.

Such training, delivered under the expert guidance of instructors from the 204th Air Force Brigade, represents the initial flight-training segment cadets go through in preparation for the duties of the SAF helicopter pilots, and is conducted with light multi-purpose ”Gazelle” helicopters.

In this phase, the cadets undergo basic training, along with test flights with the instructor, independent flights, and practice taking off and landing outside the airfield. In order to take up flight training, they had to undergo ground training, including the characteristics and structure of the ”Gazelle” helicopter, its radio-navigation equipment, piloting techniques, as well as theoretical aerodynamics and meteorology content. 

In accordance with the training programme, the cadets are expected to undergo navigation, group, instrument and night flying in order to be fully trained to fly this type of aircraft, and then retraining with ”Gama” combat helicopters or Mi-17 multi-purpose transport helicopters, which rounds off the entire cadets’ flight training process within the studies.

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