250th Air Defence Missile Brigade

The 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade is a tactical unit intended for air defence of important economic facilities and regions, administrative-political centers, and Serbian Armed Forces from reconnaissance and aerial operations.
  • 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade
    Commander, 250th AD Missile Brigade, Brigadier General Novica Gogić
    • HQ Company
    • 1st Air Defence Missile Battalion
    • 2nd Air Defence Missile Battalion
    • 3rd Air Defence Missile Battalion
    • 230th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
    • 240th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
    • 310th Air Defence Self-propelled Missile Battalion
It is qualified for the preparation, planning, and execution of air-defence operations and is the linchpin of firepower in the air defense system.

The Brigade's HQ is stationed at the “Banjica“ Barracks in Belgrade, and its subordinate units are in the garrisons of Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad and Kragujevac.

The Commander of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade is Brigadier General Novica Gogić.

Tasks of the 250th AD Missile Brigade

The tasks of the 250th AD Missile Brigade are the following:

  • airspace control and protection in peacetime,
  • deterring air force aggression and preventing surprises,
  • protection of the mobilization and operational development of the Serbian Armed Forces,
  • protection of the population and material assets of the country,
  • air defence of the territory, important economic facilities and regions and administrative-political centers,
  • air defence of the Serbian Armed Forces during the preparation and execution of combat operations,
  • air defence of probable drop zones and
  • participation in international military cooperation.

The Battalions are armed with the newly acquired missile systems “FK-3“ and “Pantsir S1“ and modernized missile systems “Neva M1T“ and “Kub M2(SM)“.

The 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade provides training of professional and reserve personnel and training of soldiers on voluntary military service. The highlight of collective training is live firing against aerial targets, which has been successfully carried out on multiple occasions at training grounds in the country and abroad.

Background of the 250th AD Missile Brigade

On 24 November 1962, by order of the State Secretary for National Defence Affairs of the FNR of Yugoslavia, the 250th Air Defence Missile Regiment was formed, armed with the S-75 “Dvina“ missile system, tasked with the air defence of the strategic facility of Belgrade. By the introduction of the S-125M “Neva“ missile system in operational use in 1982 and with the formation of new battalions, the 250th Air Defence Missile Regiment grew into a brigade. As part of the complex organizational changes in the Air Force and Air Defence, in 2007, the 230th, 240th, and 310th Self-Propelled Air Defence Missile Battalions, armed with the “KUB-M2“ missile system, became part of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade. At the beginning of 2020, the “Pantsir-S1“ artillery-missile system was introduced into the Brigade, and in 2022, the FK-3 missile system as well.

An important period in the history of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade is its participation in defending the fatherland against NATO aggression. In 2000, the Brigade was awarded the highest war award - the National Hero Medal - for its exceptional feats and sacrifices made during NATO aggression.

In 2004, Serbian Patriarch Pavle awarded the Brigade a Charter. In 2015, the President of the Republic of Serbia awarded the Brigade the Gold Medal of Merit, and in 2022, the Medal of White Eagle with Swords, 3rd Degree.

The Brigade preserves the memory of 28 members of missile units who sacrificed their lives defending the homeland.

On 24 November, the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade celebrates the Day of the Unit and its Patron Saint Day, St. Stephen of Dečani.

Contact Information

Address: 2 Raška Street, 11 000 Belgrade
Telephone: +381 (0) 11 3053-104
Telefax: +381 (0) 11 3053-157
E-mail: 250rbrpvo@vs.rs

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