3rd MP Battalion

The 3rd Military Police Battalion is responsible for conducting military police operations and general security operations in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces. The above said operations are conducted by military police officers authorized by law to exercise power in their areas of responsibility.

The 3rd Military Police Battalion is headquartered in Niš with the units based in Vranje and Niš.  

The 3d MP Battalion is composed of three MP companies, the MP Service Platoon, the Military Working Dog Platoon, the MP Traffic Control Platoon and the Signal Section.

Lieutenant Colonel Goran Milošević is the Commander of the 3rd Military Police Battalion.

Tasks of the 3rd MP Battalion

The 3rd MP Battalion is tasked with:

  • Crime prevention,
  • Supervision and maintenance of military order and discipline,
  • Protection of people, facilities, documents and weapons,
  • Military traffic control,
  • Anti-terrorism and protection in a relevant area of responsibility.

Background of the 3rd MP Battalion

The 3rd Military Police Battalion was established in 1990 as a successor of the 287th MP Battalion and was part of the then 95th Protective Motorized Regiment, 3rd Field Army. Since 1994 the 3rd MP Battalion had existed as an independent unit within the 3rd Field Army.

By the Order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Yugoslavia, in 2002 the 3rd MP Battalion became a part of the Niš Corps. The Battalion was formed by merging 3rd MP Battalion, 21st MP Battalion and 9th Infantry Brigade MP Company.

From 2002 to 2005 the Battalion was a company-sized unit with a detached company located in Zaječar. By Decree of the Minister of Defence, in 2004 the 3rd MP Battalion became part of the Land Forces.

In 2005, the 3rd MP Battalion of the Niš Corps was attached to the 52nd MP Battalion of the Priština Corps to form the 3rd MP Battalion of the Army, with subordinate units located in Niš, Kruševac, Zaječar, Leskovac and Vranje.

In 2007 the 3rd Military Police Battalion was reorganized to the size it has today.

Contact Information

Address: Čegarska St., Niš
Phone: +381 (0) 18 257-919
Fax: +381 (0) 18 555-432
Email: 3.bvp@vs.rs

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