Minister Vulin in UNIFIL: Serbian Soldiers Among the Best Trained in the Peacekeeping Missions

Tuesday, 17.7.2018 | Multinational Operations

Minister Vulin, who stays in two day visit to UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, visited today the Command of UNIFIL mission in Nakura and the Command of the Sector West.

– The Serbian soldiers participating peacekeeping missions are very well trained and have great quality and that is why the international community counts on Serbia and desires to work with the Serbian Armed Forces. That is the joint position of the Deputy Head of UNIFIL Mission in Lebanon Imran Riza and Commander of the Sector West of the UNIFIL Mission Brigadier General Paolo Fabri, whom Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin met today.

Minister Vulin, who stays in two day visit to UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, visited today the Command of UNIFIL mission in Nakura and the Command of the Sector West. Tomorrow, the minister will meet the members of the Serbian national contingent. In total, there are 177 Serbian troops deployed in Sectors East and West on the positions 7-2, 9-66 and 1-26.

– At this moment the Republic of Serbia has 322 representatives in ten different peacekeeping missions, six of them being under the command of the United Nations and four are led by the European Union. It has been proved that wherever we were the level of our training was exceptional and that the quality of our men was impressive. We are the most proud of our men, our soldiers, and the Republic of Serbia as a neutral country will remain highly dedicated to its participation in peacekeeping missions. We know what it means to bring peace; moreover, there is a peacekeeping mission in a part of our territory. This is our way to show other countries that we can export peace, that we can export stability, that we can show everybody the worth of our armed forces, Minister Vulin stated.

– When you show the quality of people who are the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and when you show how well they are trained and ready, that our commanding officers are at the top level, you not only gain the renown but the international community counts on you and has the need to work with you. One should not forget that this as well is a kind of diplomacy. Not only do we bring peace, and not only do our boys and girls behave in the best possible manner, but in time when peace reaches those countries, when the armed forces are no longer required, there will emerge a need for businessmen, there will be a need for construction and rebuilding, and that is as a rule given to those countries that participated in peacekeeping operations. Our armed forces practically lay a foundation for some future events and open a door to our economy just like they open a door to our politics and diplomacy, said the Serbian minister of defence.
The delegation visiting the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon also includes the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, Commander of the 4th Army Brigade Colonel Slobodan Stopa and Head of Department for International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defence Colonel Milan Ranković.
The provisional forces of the United Nations in Lebanon are one of the oldest active missions under the auspices of the UN. The mission was established in 1978 at the height of the Lebanese civil war and Israeli occupation. The deployment zone of the forces and execution of UNIFIL tasks is the area along 120 km long Blue Line which divides Israel and southern part of Lebanon. There are some 11.000 troops engaged in the mission. 

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