Meeting of Chiefs of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces and Armed Forces of Russian Federation

Monday, 24.8.2020 | International Co-operation
In the framework of visit to the Russian Federation, Chief of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović met today Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation General of the Army Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov.
General Mojsilović thanked General Gerasimov for comprehensive support that the Russian Federation has been giving to the Republic of Serbia in preservation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and for the assistance of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation to our country in our fight against the spread of COVID-19 virus infection in April and May this year, even in circumstances in which the very Russian people was affected by the consequences of the virus.

During official talks, the two delegations talked about the current politico-security situation in the world and region with particular focus on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, opportunities for advancement of bilateral military cooperation of the two armed forces in the fields of mutual interests, and finally about the current state and execution of activities in the field of military technical cooperation.

Chief of General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces singled out as very important the assistance of the Russian Federation in equipping the Serbian Armed Forces with contemporary military assets and training of our flight and technical personnel on aircraft of Russian production.

During the talks both sides reconfirmed their readiness, despite the unfavourable conditions caused by spreading of COVID-19 infection, to continue developing bilateral cooperation between the two armed forces with focus of execution of joint exercises, training and military technical cooperation.

Commending the exceptional organisation of this year’s “International Military Games”, General Mojsilović announced that the Serbian Armed Forces considered competing for organisation of one of the events of this competition and he concluded that it represented and excellent opportunity for our armed forces members to test their capabilities, and exchange knowledge and experience with their colleagues from armed forces of other countries and develop friendly relations as well.

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