Meeting with the Under-Secretary General of the UN

Thursday, 11.7.2019 | International Co-operation

General Milan Mojsilović, Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, is in New York at the invitation of the United Nations Secretariat to attend 3rd Conference of Chiefs of Staff of the UN forces contributing countries.

General Mojsilović talked with the Under-Secretary General of the UN for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix about the contribution of our country to world peace through the participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in Peacekeeping Operations and the improvement of cooperation with the UN.

During the meeting, Lacroix commended the participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in missions under the UN mandate and, above all, the quality and professionalism of their engagement.

General Mojsilović confirmed the readiness of the Republic of Serbia to continue to be a significant contributor to the UN Peacekeeping Force, thus contributing to the building of peace and security around the world.

The Chief of Staff also participated in the networking meeting “Women, Peace, Security”, dedicated to the topics of gender perspective, the importance of women’s role in peace building and post-conflict recovery of the country and their influence in the security sector. At the meeting, senior officials confirmed unequivocal support for further integration of the gender perspective into the Armed Forces.

On the margins of the meeting, General Mojsilović had separate talks with the Chiefs of the Austrian, Belarus, Cypriot, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovenian General Staffs, as well as with the representative of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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