Visit to the Training of Units for the Participation in UNIFIL

Wednesday, 4.9.2019 | Multinational Operations

Minister Vulin: The Serbian Armed Forces are exporter of stability

– The Serbian Armed Forces send their best members to peacekeeping operations all over the world. We send the people who worthily present our country, and who are capable of responding to any demand and who leave behind a good image of Serbia – Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin pointed out in the barracks “Nikola Pašić” in Zaječar on the occasion of today’s visit to the members of Force Protection Platoon which will participate in UNIFIL peacekeeping operation in the Republic of Lebanon.
After demonstration of training segment for the candidates for the peacekeeping operation, Minister Vulin stated that the Serbian Armed Forces are exporter of stability and a proof that good men, trained and appropriately equipped can execute every task.
– Starting from our equipment to our training, we do not in any way fall behind any member of other armed forces in peacekeeping missions and we represent our country in the best possible manner – Minister Vulin underlined.
According to Captain Željko Petrović, Commander of the Force Protection Platoon for rotation Z-1 UNIFIL Mission in Lebanon, describes today’s demonstration as just a part of training that is conducted with members of the Force Protection Platoon, as well as measures and procedures to react to different tactical incidents or situations that could occur in the area of operations.
– Today’s work was demonstrated on three working points: protest of demonstrators in the area of operations in front of base, procedures and actions in case of entrance of a civilian vehicle in the base with hidden arms, and procedure and actions of bodies in case of sudden attack on the base – Captain Petrović explains.
Corporal Milan Stojanović, shooter-scout and spotter in the fifth group of the Force Protection Platoon from Training Command is among the members of the Serbian Armed Forces preparing to depart to UNIFIL peacekeeping operation.
– The training goes as planned, and the soldiers are highly motivated – Corporal Stojanović stressed adding that the platoon members are being prepared for the harshest conditions and that it is expected that all of them will return from Lebanon happy and satisfied.
Today’s visit to Force Protection Platoon to participate in UNIFIL peacekeeping operation was also attended by Deputy Commander of Training Command Brigadier General Jelesije Radivojević and Head of Private Office of the Minister of Defence Brigadier General Siniša Kresović.

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