International Course on Detection of Toxic Chemicals at CBRN Training Center

Friday, 8.9.2023 | International Co-operation
The Course “Detection and Identification of Toxic Chemicals and Industrial Toxic Chemicals” has been held at the CBRN Training Center in Kruševac this week, and was attended by members of the armed forces from nine countries.

During the five-day training, participants from Algeria, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Egypt, Italy, North Macedonia, the United States of America and Turkey had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the physico-chemical characteristics of toxic chemicals and learn how to use devices for detecting contaminated materials and providing first aid in case of poisoning.

The training activity, conducted by certified instructors from the CBRN Training Center, involved the application of devices and equipment used by the Serbian Armed Forces. The focus was kept on toxicological analyses of water, heavy metal salts and chemically contaminated samples with the use of a laboratory for detecting and identifying toxic chemical substances.

The implementation of international courses and large interest of the armed forces of partner countries in participating in training at the CBRN Training Center confirm the high quality of training and SAF instructors’ expertise in the CBRN field, strengthening at the same time the status of this unit as a regional and partner center for education and training.

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