International Advanced First Aid Course

Thursday, 28.9.2023 | International Co-operation
An international advanced first aid course for members of foreign armed forces is underway at the Logistics Training Center in Nis.

The course is being attended by doctors, paramedics and medical technicians from Azerbaijan, Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Montenegro who do not deal primarily with emergency medical care on their permanent posts.

During several weeks of training in specialized study rooms and the field, participants are theoretically and practically trained to take care of the injured at the scene of an accident in peace and wartime, as well as in case of natural disasters.

Training is carried out by instructors from the Center’s Medical Service Training Company in cooperation with specialist doctors from the Niš Military Hospital. The program includes primary care contents ranging from the initial assessment, triage, getting the injured to a safe zone, examining the patient according to a checklist and providing first aid, to evacuation by land and air.

Implementation of this course, in addition to other forms of training for members of the logistics services of foreign armed forces at the Logistics Training Center, is a confirmation of the quality of instructors and training in the Serbian Armed Forces’ units and contributes to the strengthening of bilateral relations with partner countries.

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