Peacekeeping Operations Centre

The Peacekeeping Operations Centre (PKOC) is a unit intended for the training, selection, equipping, preparation and deployment of individuals and units from the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces to multinational operations outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia.

The Peacekeeping Operations Centre consists of the Human Resources Section, the Section for Operations and Staff Affairs, the Training Section, the Support Section and the Finance Group.

Colonel Ivan Lazarević, PhD is the Head of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre.

The PKOC is a full member of the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centers (EAPTC) and the International Association of Peacekeeping Operations Training Centres (IAPTC).

Tasks of the PKOC

The Peacekeeping Operations Centre performs tasks related to:

  • selection, training and preparation of personnel and participation in the training and preparation of units for multinational operations;
  • monitoring, coordination and control of the forces of the Serbian Armed Forces in multinational operations (MnOp), in accordance with the decision of the competent authorities;
  • coordination of activities in the planning, organization and realization of transport of individuals, units, weapons and military equipment in MnOp;
  • planning, organizing and realization of national and international courses, seminars and lectures in the field of MnOp;
  • development of criteria for manning units and key staff in units that are preparing for deployment in MnOp;
  • proposing individuals for training in the country and abroad for participation in MnOp;
  • participation in the selection and development of units’ training for MnOp;
  • coordination of the preparation of forces for MnOp with the organizational units of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and the relevant entities in the Republic of Serbia and other international entities and organizations;
  • proposing the costs of preparing and deploying individuals and units for participation in the MnOp;
  • participation in the assessment of the capabilities of the units for deployment in MnOp;
  • participation in the preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding and technical agreements for deployment of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in MnOp;
  • proposing and participating in drafting and amending the normative and legal framework for participation in the MnOp;
  • cooperation with regional and world peace-support operations training centres and international organizations;
  • cooperation with the organizational units of the MoD and the General Staff in charge of international military c-operation and training;
  • cooperation with international entities for the exchange of ideas and experiences from MnOp, in accordance with the plan of the bilateral military cooperation.

Background of the PKOC

Since the return to multinational operations in 2002 and the ten-year break since the war in the former SFR Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav Army and the Army of Serbia and Montenegro participated in two multinational operations of the United Nations: UNMISET in East Timor and ONUB in Burundi.

This was an individual deployment of officers on the duties of military observers. Even this "point-by-point" engagement of several officers required the existence of an organizational unit that would coordinate all activities in selecting staff, their equipment, preparing for specific duties beyond the borders of our country and resolving their status during this deployment.

Since 2002, the area of peacekeeping missions in the military has dealt with the Section for International Integration and Peace Operations at the Operational Department of the General Staff of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro.

On October 14, 2003, this section became the National Centre for Peacekeeping Missions, which was subordinated to the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro. The Peacekeeping Operations Centre, as the legal successor of the National Centre for Peacekeeping Missions, was established on January 1, 2005, and since it is directly subordinated to the Joint Operations Command of the General Staff.

The Peacekeeping Operations Centre celebrates its Day on November 17th in memory of the day when, in 1956, the precursor of the YPA Detachment was sent to the UN Emergency Force (UNEF) in Sinai.

Contact Information

Address: 38 Neznanog junaka St., Belgrade
Phone: +381 (0) 11 2063 274
Fax: +381 (0) 11 3005 090

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