Flight Training on „Gazelles” in 204th Air Force Brigade

Friday, 28.1.2022 | Training
Training of members of the 204th Air Force Brigade for independent execution of special flight tasks on "Gazelle" helicopters is being conducted at the military airport "Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica and in the wider region of Belgrade. 

The training is conducted with the aim of maintaining and raising the level of readiness for performing dedicated tasks, both in favorable and complex meteorological conditions, day and night, and it is done by the pilots of the 890th Mixed Helicopter Squadron. 

In addition to the required flight hours on this type of aircraft, pilots are trained for group flying at low altitudes along the route as well as conducting off-airport landing and take-off of helicopter pairs on unsecured terrain, in conditions when reduced visibility, uniformity of terrain and snow make flying and completing tasks very challenging. 

The technical staff of the squadron is also actively involved in the training, whose expertise and professionalism are key to the technical validity of aircraft and their availability for flying. 

Conducting training in the squadron, which is the main task of the unit in this period, improves the ability of its members to perform search and rescue and air transport tasks.

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