Future SAF Pilots Undergo Flight Training

Tuesday, 26.9.2023 | Training
At the Military Airport “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica and surrounding area, flight training is ongoing for officers who have completed the Reserve Officers Course-Aviation Branch and Military Academy cadets attending the Military Aviation Study Program.

The training program is carried out with “Swallow” training airplanes, and is delivered by the 252nd Training Squadron flight instructors. The aim is to train participants to fly this plane independently, which is a prerequisite for cadets to continue their training with the “Super Seagull” G-4 training-combat aircraft, and a requirement for aviation officers who have completed the Course for earning the title of SAF pilot and retraining with other types of aircraft.

The program includes basic, navigation, aerobatic and instrument flying, with practicing landing and take-off in more complex meteorological conditions. The participants have already mastered successfully ground preparation for flying and technical training, beginning the flight training process fully prepared.

The V-54 “Swallow” aircraft is a single-engine training aircraft designed for basic and part of advanced pilot training. With its modern, digital avionics and flight characteristics, it enables training in basic, aerobatic, navigation, group, instrument and night flying.

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