Serbian Armed Forces’ Missileers and Pilots Successful at Live Firing in Bulgaria

Thursday, 8.6.2023 | Training
Members of the air defence artillery-missile units and aviation of the Serbian Armed Forces completed successfully this year’s live firing against aerial targets at the "Shabla" Range in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Firing was executed by combat crews of the missile systems "Neva" and "Kub" and pilots of the multi-purpose combat planes "Mig-29" of Serbian Air Force and Air Defense, as well as members of Bulgarian air defence missile forces and aviation.

Ground-to air and air-to air missiles were being fired against luminous parachute and radio-controlled targets that simulated enemy aircraft. All targets designated for destruction were hit, which shows a high level of skills of Air Force and Air Defence members, reliability of SAF missiles fired by our forces, as well as the quality of preparations, firing practices and fire for record that had previously been executed.

Especially satisfying was the fact that the youngest members, who had used for the first time missiles to conduct live-firing against aerial targets, did also extremely well.

This was the seventh time that members of Serbian Air Force and Air Defence had participated in live firing at the "Shabla" Range; actually, the seventh time for missileers, and the fourth one for the pilots of fighter planes.

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