Serbian Armed Forces Built a Bridge Over Great Bačka Canal

Friday, 4.8.2023 | CIMIC
Yesterday, members of the pontoon battalion from the River Flotilla of the Serbian Armed Forces installed a pontoon bridge over the Great Bačka Canal on the regional road that connects Apatin and Sombor.

The bridge was installed at the request of the West Bačka Administrative District, it is 30 meters long and has a total load capacity of 60 tons, and it will be suitable for use by pedestrians, motorcyclists and passenger motor vehicles.

After the necessary checks and installation of signaling, the bridge was handed over to the West Bačka Administrative District for use, and its maintenance and safety will be taken care of by an engineering working group made up of members of the River Flotilla. They will be on duty on the bridge twenty-four hours a day, in charge of regulating traffic, guiding vehicles, tightening cables and controlling couplings.

In the course of preparations for the implementation of activities, transportation of pontoon ferries and installation of the bridge, training of the professional staff of the River Flotilla specialized in pontooning was carried out, which further improved their ability to perform specific tasks.

The pontoon bridge will be in operation until the completion of reconstruction works on a nearby bridge on the regional road, and the Serbian Armed Forces have made life easier for the residents of this area by installing it, who will no longer have to use alternative routes.

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