Military Doctors Provide Assistance to Residents of Pešter Villages

Wednesday, 10.4.2024 | CIMIC
This week, in cooperation with the local government of the Municipality of Sjenica, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have implemented the CIMIC Project “Military Doctor in a Village” in the villages of Raždaginja and Buđevo on the Pešter Plateau.

The goal of this project, implemented as part of the joint tactical exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces “Whirlwind 2024”, is to strengthen cooperation and confidence at the local level and provide assistance to the population that has difficulty accessing the health care system.

On this occasion, military doctors and medical technicians from the 2nd Army Brigade conducted preventive medical examinations in temporarily established clinics, as well as home visits to persons with limited mobility and immobility.

As usual, members of the Serbian Armed Forces are warmly welcomed by inhabitants of the Peštar villages, who, grateful for the help they receive, point out that they can rely on the Serbian Armed Forces when they need help the most.

The Serbian Armed Forces have previously provided assistance to the population in the villages on the Pešter Plateau, as well as in other parts of our country, thus showing that relationship with the citizens of the Republic of Serbia is a high priority.

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