Arrangement of Roads on the Pešter Plateau

Tuesday, 16.4.2024 | CIMIC
The SAF units participating in the Pešter Plateau at the joint exercise "Whirlwind 2024", implement numerous civil-military projects in cooperation with local self-government bodies in Sjenica.

Within these projects, which were launched to strengthen mutual trust and create conditions for a better life for the citizens of this part of Serbia, engineering works and educational lectures on the risks of using pyrotechnics are carried out in remote villages on the territory of the municipality.

Engineering working groups from the composition of the Second Army Brigade in the region of the village of Budjevo on the Pešter plateau, are carrying out work on road reconstruction, as well as cleaning and revitalization of watering holes for livestock feeding. In this way, in addition to helping citizens, the ability of engineering units to perform general tasks in supporting the forces in the execution of operations is also improved.

In the meantime, in elementary schools in the villages of Raždaginja and Karajukića Bunari , SAF ordnance specialists  will hold a series of educational lectures on the dangers of using firecrackers, fireworks, torches and other explosive devices and proper handling in case of encountering unexploded ordnance.

The previous week, the action "Military doctor in the village" was implemented in the villages of Pešter", during which SAF doctors and medical technicians carried out preventive medical examinations of residents whose access to the health care system is difficult.

The Serbian Armed Forces are implementing civil-military cooperation projects all over the country, and the Pešter region is given special attention in this regard, since here is the temporary training ground where the Serbian Armed Forces perform the most complex exercise activities.

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