Civil-military Cooperation Projects in the Municipality of Sjenica

Friday, 11.6.2021 | CIMIC
As part of the project of civil-military cooperation "Military doctor in the village", yesterday and today, members of the Serbian Armed Forces provided free medical care to the residents of Pešter villages in the municipality of Sjenica.

As part of this action, a temporary military outpatient unit was formed in the vicinity of the village of Budjevo, and home visits were made for locals who were not able to come to the outpatient unit. Dozens of medical examinations were performed, and military medics from the Second Army Brigade also provided health advice to the population and supplied them with the necessary medicines.

In the previous days, members of the Serbian Armed Forces also visited "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" elementary school students in the village of Raždaginja and students of elementary school "Rifat Burdžović Tršo" in the village of Karajukića Bunari on the Pešter plateau. In the schools, the students were educated on how to act in case of encountering an unexploded ordnance, and on this occasion, members of the Serbian Armed Forces handed over disinfectants and 1000 protective masks to the schools.

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