Lectures on Risks of Using Pyrotechnic Devices

Friday, 16.12.2022 | CIMIC
As part of the CIMIC project entitled “Military Pyrotechnician“, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have conducted educational lectures in primary schools in the last few days on the risks of using pyrotechnic devices. 

The lectures were co-organized by representatives of the Red Cross in primary schools of Gornji Milanovac, Kuršumlija, Ralja, Sjenica and Belgrade Municipality of Rakovica in order to enhance the security of children and raise awareness of the dangers of using pyrotechnic devices. 

The Technical Service Officers – ordnance specialists from the Army and Central Logistics Base, informed the students of the risks of using firecrackers, fireworks, torches and other explosive devices used commonly during the New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays. Special attention was paid to teaching the primary school children about UXOs, proper conduct in case of coming across them and administering first aid in case of injury. 

Such activities by the Serbian Armed Forces add to the overall security of citizens and further strengthening of mutual confidence and cooperation with local governments and civilian organizations. That is the way to show that the SAF are ready, in parallel with their numerous priority assignments across the country, to implement the projects of significance for local communities.

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