CIMIC Projects of Serbian Armed Forces

Thursday, 31.8.2023 | CIMIC
This week, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have implemented CIMIC projects in cooperation with local governments in Trgovište and Prokuplje.

As part of these projects, implemented to strengthen mutual confidence and make possible for a better life of the citizens of Serbia, medical assistance was provided to residents of the village of Novi Glog in the municipality of Trgovište. Also, there were engineering works on the road reconstruction in the village of Zdravinje near Prokuplje.

The 4th Army Brigade’s military doctors and medical technicians conducted preventive medical examinations in a temporary clinic at the Elementary School “Vuk Karadzic” in Novi Glog, as well as home visits to people with limited mobility and immobility.

At the same time, in the village of Zdravinje, the 3rd Army Brigade’s engineering task force is repairing damage and removing trees and vegetation from a critical section of the local road, in order to ensure the residents’ unhindered use of this road. 
Performing road reconstruction works is a form of training in real conditions for the road engineering units, which additionally improves the ability to engage in operations and execute intended tasks.

The Serbian Armed Forces implement CIMIC projects in all parts of our country. They have helped many times in building roads and waterworks, clearing snowdrifts and riverbeds, supplying water and providing medical care to local population, which they will continue to do that in the future as well.

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