Serbian Armed Forces Installed Pontoon Bridge to Great War Island

Monday, 27.6.2022 | CIMIC
Members of the SAF Pontoneer Units installed a pontoon bridge across the Danube, from the Zemun quay to the Great War Island, providing the citizens with uninterrupted access to a popular Danube beach known as "Lido".

Today, the bridge has been handed over to the tourist organization of Zemun Municipality. Still, its safety and maintenance during the summer season will be the responsibility of the River Flotilla Pontoneer Units which have established the bridge as the crossing point. 

The pontoon bridge is of 20 ton load capacity, 362m long and could be used by pedestrians and light vehicles. While transporting the bridge components along the river from Šabac and installing it, pontoneer units practiced actions and procedures needed for executing specific tasks, which was another way to increase the River Flotilla soldiers’ and officers’ skills.

For many years now, to Belgrade citizens’ great satisfaction, SAF members have been bridging the Danube from the Great War Island to the Zemun quay. The ponton bridge will be functional this year, too, until the end of the summer season when it will be disassembled and transported to its original garrison.

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