Army Training Centre

Army Training Centre is intended to conduct individual specialized training of soldiers doing voluntary military service, cadets and personel from the reserve component who did not serve military service with weapons, as well as the training of all categories of staff (from professional soldiers to officers, from active and reserve component) of the following branches – infantry, artillery, armoured units and engineering.

It is located in garrison Požarevac, in the barracks "General Pavle Jurišić-Šturm".

Army Training Centre comprises HQ, HQ Company, Training Battalion and Logistic Company.

Colonel Duško Jović is the Commander of the Army Training Centre.

Tasks of ATC

Army Training Centre is tasked with:

  • Specialized training for military occupational specialties of the Army branches
  • Organization and realization of courses for additional training of officers, NCOs, military employees and professional soldiers of the following branches: infantry, artillery, armored units and engineering units
  • Certification of soldiers and professional soldiers’ training 
  • Garrison affairs
  • Logistic support to its own and dependant units
  • Securing facilities

Training in ATC

Army Training Centre conducts specialized training for military occupational specialties of Army branches and services – infantry (14 specialties), armoured units (6 specialties), artillery (8 specialties), engineering units (18 specialties) and reconnaissance (2 specialties). Total of 50 specialties of Army branches undergo training in Army Training Centre.

Training structure:

  • military training (tactical training,  firing training, assets and equipment), and
  • physical training

Specialized training conducted at Army Training Centre is an advanced individual training, through which one acquires necessary specialized knowledge and skills for military occupational specialties of Army branches and services, needed for self-reliant performance of formation duties within a branch and a speciality.

The goal of the training is creation of a self-confident and disciplined soldier, who is physically ready, well motivated, and has training in basic skills, as well as qualities of a fighter, which would enable him to survive in the battle field and perform his tasks as a member of a crew or a team.

Background of the ATC

Army Training Centre was established on December 1, 2006 through reorganization of the 565th Army Teaching Centre, and it continues the tradition of military units from Braničevo, as well as former teaching centres of infantry, artillery, armour and mechanized units, and engineering units.

The Day of the unit is celebrated on the same day as the Day of the Army – November 16, in remembrance of the beginning of Kolubara Battle.

Contact Information

Address: 6. ličke St., 12 000 Požarevac
Phone: +381 (0) 12 223-666
Fax: +381 (0) 12 223-666

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